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Microstrip transmission line
Synthesis and analysis

Takayuki HOSODA
Sep. 14, 2011

Synthesize/Analyze microstrip transmission line

Frequency    MHz
Electrical length    deg
Dielectric relative permittivity (εr  
Dielectric height (h  mm
Conductor thickness (t )    mm
Impedance (Zo )    Ω
Conductor width (w ) ≈     mm
Effective relative permittivity ≈     
Capacitance ≈     pF/m
Inductance ≈     nH/m
Velocity of propagation ≈     
Phisical length ≈     mm
Rightangle bend compensation (rc ) ≈     
Open end effect length (Δ ) ≈     mm
Side gap (s )     mm
Differential impedance (Zdiff ) ≈     Ω
Note: The practical ranges for Zo and Zdiff are from 20Ω to about 150Ω, with possible erros of up to ± 10%.

Formulas used

Micro strip line impedance
Micro-strip-line impedance
Effective width

Open end effect length
Open end effect length
Rightangle bend compensation
Effective width
Differencial impedance of side coupled microstrip line


ustrip-3.17.js (ustrip-3.17.js, 12970 byte, JavaScript program and Input form used in this page.)


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